GoReefers, the starting point of GoGlobal, is a logistics company specializing in the shipment of perishable cargo to and from South Africa. 

We assist from the smallest of client to register as an exporter up to large scale marine claims Our track record speaks for itself Over 53% of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years and 76% for more than 5 years.

With our network of agents and offices local and globally, we are able to assist on cross trade business anywhere in the World. Most recently we opened our own office in the UK, with agents in the Far East, NWC and the Mediterranean- constantly building our international network. These critical strategic alignments with various agencies and offices throughout the world enable us to assist clients with a wide scope of various logistic services without border constraint.

Our extensive market influence means that we can offer more than one supply chain per region, thus providing our clients with the most cost effective and comprehensive market access, ensuring you can serve the market best.

GoReefers has invested incredibly in an industry leading operations IT system that combine various forms of data integration. This data resourced from packhouse level to final sales let to the creation of an application platform to allow our clients an innovative and technological approach to manage their business.

GoReefers App

As part of GoReefers  online initiative we once again remained ahead the industry by integrating our operational IT system with a mobile application which can be accessed on any Andriod, iOS or Windows platform.  Unique login functionality gives both exporter or consignee access to confidential information and date. Therefore, the purpose of the app is access to information to allow to:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Manage parameters
  • Share business intelligence


The GoReefers App provides:

  • Advanced tracking of containers through integrated EDI systems
  • Realtime sailing schedules, stack and shipping instruction information that allowscontainer bookings via the App
  • Customized parameter setup for push notifications and proactive management reporting
  • Container tracking with special reports on transhipment and discharged containers
  • On-the-spot bookings
  • PUC blackspot search
  • Export documentation status
  • Full packing list
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