Special Projects

At GoGlobal, we encourage a forward-thinking nature within our company which in turn will always be channelled to move outside the normal scope of business in order to accommodate a client’s special needs. It is this ability to innovate and think ahead that has enabled us to be an industry leader, pioneering solutions in logistics:

Our track record of innovation successes includes:

  • First to introduce a logistics-focused proprietary app accessible on Andriod, Apple and Windows platform where you can not only track your containers and documents but also book your next shipment.
  • First to introduce tracking of containers to manage risks of transhipment, ETD and ETA delays.
  • First to offer web 24/7 login function with password protection allowing our clients to access live, up-to-date information and reports on their cargo with direct EDI linking to industry bodies. These reports can also be customized to suit individual requirements or industry-specific needs.
  • First to load Reefer containers from Maputo Harbour, realising a significant cost-saving for our east African clients.
  • First to implement back-to-back loading of citrus under the PPECB project resulting in a highly competitive cost chain.
  • First to load ambient citrus for clients in 2001.
  • First to charter full vessels for clients, providing them with competitive market access and ensuring additional shipping capacity.
  • First to provide management of the entire logistics chain for Namibia grapes from pack house level to port.
  • First to provide cross-border offices on both sides on the South African and Namibian border, to allow goods to be handled in both countries by the same integrated service provider, and also the first to provide cross-border documentation online in a web-accessible format.
  • First fruit logistics solution to successfully integrate from farm-level, through pack house and to export.

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