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We’ve been at the forefront of agricultural freight logistics in South Africa for over 20 years now.

From our ground breaking beginning with the GoReefers Logistics venture providing perishable goods solutions across South Africa and now with the birth of our umbrella brand GoGlobal – the go-to supplier of specialised logistic solutions, international freight logistics and unique business solutions.

With our client’s needs in mind, we’ve constantly worked to go beyond the boundaries of conventional logistics; developing a fully comprehensive modular suite of logistic capabilities to not only meet our customer’s needs, but to stop at nothing to get your produce and cargo to destination.

It’s because of this drive over the past fifteen years, that what started as a focus on excellence in perishable logistics, has gone beyond that and grown into a much larger offering. It was the realisation of this growth that led to the creation of the GoGlobal umbrella – the brand that offers solutions at each point in the perishable and general cargo logistics chains while maintaining the same personal link with our clients that we always have – same company, new perspective.

We have always focused on going beyond our client’s immediate needs and requirements, providing solutions today, for tomorrow’s problems.  We created a new cold store facility to service the KwaZulu-Natal region, and took the project beyond merely handling increased volume by creating a one-stop for ambient, steri, mobile racking and empty container facilities. This provided our clients with options unmatched in the market and offers them the opportunity to entirely exclude costs by completing multiple functions on the same site.

When clients wanted to keep track of their livelihood, we rose to the challenge, building an all-encompassing software solution which provides our clients with not only live tracking of their container movements and push notifications to advise exceptions no matter where they are, but the ability to make a booking on the App for anywhere in the world too.

Our innovative thinking over the years has manifested in whatever we do – The first forwarding company to link via EDI The first to load ambient citrus, the first to load fruit containers from Maputo and the first to manage the cold chain, from pack house level, with Namibian grapes. 

Shipping with crates on the ocean

We never stop pushing boundaries.
We never stop going beyond.

GoGlobal’s vast freight logistics and unique business solutions experience allows us to truly offer you every imaginable service, with the best expertise, the best options and the best process to ensure all goes smoothly.  Our clients trust us with their produce and cargo, knowing that we treat it with as much as care they have, from seed to harvest.

GoGlobal has everything you need to get your produce and cargo into your customer’s hands - as fresh as if they had picked it themselves.

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