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A smooth and effortless one-stop customs clearance solution.

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GoBorders, a smooth and effortless one-stop customs clearance solution.

Top freight forwarding companies in South Africa

With our own offices located throughout Southern African Borders, we cater to all your import and export needs including VAT payments, bond facilities and digitised paperwork.

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Map of Import & Export across South African Borders

What Makes us One of the Top Freight Forwarding Companies in South Africa:

  • Started in 2013 from the Namibian grape season.
  • Qualified and experienced staff that offer a 24/7, 365 days-a-year service.
  • All systems are electronically linked with relevant Customs Authorities and other GoBorders offices.
  • Customs clearance documentation is available electronically once processed.
  • Customs help desk.
  • Personal assistance with cross border available if needed.
  • Continuous expansion into other strategic border areas.
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Our own offices on both sides of the border

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VAT payment facilitation

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Temporary Import and Exports

Assistance with crossing the border effortlessly

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Namibian bond facilities

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Availability of all documents electronically on our website

Avoid mind-numbing, truck-halting border bureaucracy with our on-site customs clearance experts.

As industry specialists respected by customs, clients have counted on us for  24/7, 365 days-a-year service from qualified and experienced staff since 2013. Just Cruise Through with GoBorders - One of SA's Top Freight Forwarding Companies!

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