Industry Update

Industry Update

19th October 2022

Good morning everyone,

Industry held a meeting yesterday with the Western Cape management of TPT and TNPA where recovery plans were discussed to address and remove the backlog in imports, and specifically exports of perishables, as soon as possible. An urgent request was made by Transnet that the fruit industries help with evacuating empty containers from the port as quickly as possible when requested to do so, and more importantly to make optimal use of night-time/night runs for container deliveries. We received confirmation in the same afternoon that empty reefers had been evacuated from the port.

Minimal picketing today and a significant improvement on staff reporting for work. There is concern over the number of broken cranes in Durban slowing productivity and a request to expedite repairs – we have informed TNPA CPT to monitor the situation for local planning purposes.

Dispensation – DALRRD is waiting for the registrar to sign off on the dispensation and will advise by Thursday.

9am Daily update on port container terminals operational status due to Transnet strike.

Staffing levels across all the main container terminals has increased today upwards of 80% and in some cases fully manned. Although certain shifts at some terminals are not fully compliment. The trend indicates that staff compliments could be fully manned very soon. News briefs indicate that Satawu will brief on the status of the unions position on the Transnet wage deal today. Please monitor shipping line and terminal communication closely to guide on how to proceed with exports.


  • TNPA – marine services are compliment vessels will be serviced.
  • CTCT – Waterside and landside operational and gates are open. Monitor export stack dates. CTCT is encouraging fruit industry to focus on export night runs and this should receive attention to allow even flows of trucks into CTCT.  
  • CTCT vessels on berth = 2 – Kota Lekas , Santa Teresa (5 Gangs AM shift).
  • CTCT vessels at anchor = 5 – Ever Dainty, Niledutch Lion, MSC Acapulco, Cypress, MSC Cassandre. CMA CGM Nabucco (Omit Westbound).
  • CTMPT – Waterside and landside operational and gates are open. Monitor export stack dates.
  • CTMPT vessels on berth = 1 – MSC Meltemi III.
  • CTMPT vessels at anchor = Nil


  • TNPA – marine services are compliment vessels will be serviced.
  • Pier 1 – staff fully complimentPrioritization on import evacuation. Monitor export stack dates..
  • Pier 1 vessels on berth = 2 – Kota Lawa (1 Gang working AM, 2 gangs planned PM), MSC Rowan (Nil gangs).
  • Pier 1 vessels at anchor = 1 – Santa Clara ETB 24/10.
  • Pier 2 – staff on landside fully compliment, waterside working 5 gangs. Monitor export stack dates.
  • Pier 2 vessels on berth = 4 – CCNI Arauco, MSC Adelaide, Seaspan Kyoto, MSC Everest. (5 Gangs working).
  • Pier 2 vessels at anchor = 10 – Ever Diadem, Santa Barbara, MSC Courage, CMA CGM Valparaiso, Lady Jane, CMA CGM Coral, CMA CGM Don Pascuale, Halsted, Cosco Wellington, MSC Desiree.
  • Durban MPT – Staff compliment to operational demands. Monitor export stack dates.
  • Durban MPT vessels on berth = 1 – Polonia (2 gangs).
  • Durban MPT vessels at anchor = 1 – MSC Mila 3 (docked)


  • TNPA – marine services are compliment vessels will be serviced.
  • NCT – Staff 80% compliment, no night shift. Monitor export stack dates.
  • NCT vessels on berth = 2 – MSC Euginia, MSC Krittika. (6 Gangs AM shift)
  • NCT vessels at anchor = 3 – MSC Marianne, Santa Rosa, MSC Giada III.
  • PECT – limited staff present on waterside and landside activities. Monitor export stack dates.
  • PECT vessels on berth = 1 – MSC Positano (1 Gang working).
  • PECT vessels at anchor = 2 – Maersk Visby, Lori.


  • Train operations between DCT and reef has commenced manning levels compliment. 5 Container trains a day planned for time being.

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